A loan for a company – in a bank or loan company?



When running our own business, we do not need an additional cash injection, which will provide us with financial stability. In the case of companies there is nothing worse than the loss of such stability. And yet, it often happens that we have to bear some additional planned costs. In addition, by running our own business, we have to pay ZUS contributions on a monthly basis or pay tax to the Tax Office.

Running a business is also associated with investing. This is what real business is based on and that’s why we can grow our business. Therefore, it is a very good solution to postpone funds that we could later spend on investments. However, if we have not been able to collect them, there are other financial solutions that we can use, such as a loan for the company. We can get it through banks as well as in companies providing non-bank loans. In the case of the latter, we no longer have to worry about high costs, because there are a number of companies that can offer us quite favorable financing conditions.

A company loan – a bank or a loan company?

A company loan - a bank or a loan company?

If we need a high loan amount and we have the right capacity and credit history, then surely a bank loan will be the most beneficial solution for us. In the case of high amounts of loans, the difference in costs is very noticeable if we compare bank and non-bank offers. Therefore, thinking about a large corporate loan, we should definitely consider the banks’ offer. Obtaining such a loan will, however, be possible, provided we have the appropriate credit history. What does it mean? It’s about running a business for at least 12 months. Receipts are also important. The Bank will surely ask us to provide a PIT settlement for the previous year and current information on the income received. An extract from the income and expense ledger may be sufficient for this purpose. Very often, banks also require additional documents such as a certificate of not being in arrears with paying ZUS or tax to the US. Sometimes, however, it is enough to provide the same confirmation of transfers to the above institutions from the last 3 months.

The way for additional money from the bank

The way for additional money from the bank

In addition to the company loan, a very interesting solution is the revolving limit for companies that we can get as part of the account. This solution works on a very similar principle. The bank grants us an account limit, which we can use at any time. The amount of such a limit is determined individually, based on the income we receive. If we receive a fixed monthly income at the level of several thousand zlotys per month, the bank may allow us to include such an additional limit of up to 30 or 50 thousand zlotys. What is very convenient for people running their own businesses, repaying debt can be done at any time for us. So there is no fixed monthly installment which we must perform on the specific day of the month. We decide how much money we pay in a given month. It is important that this amount is not lower than the one designated by the bank for a given month. It is also worth bearing in mind that overdraft is granted for a period of 12 months. We can extend it after this period, provided that during the term of the contract we fulfill the terms of the agreement signed with the bank. One of the most important conditions of the renewal contract is to ensure a fixed monthly income on the account in a certain amount.

Yet another solution that we can use as a person running a business is a credit card for companies. However, it works mainly with payments made with plastic, and so certainly not in the case of payment of traditional cash. However, it should be noted that nowadays, card payment can be implemented almost anywhere, also in the case of online payments. One of the advantages of a credit card is the possibility of using a period without interest, which is usually 54 or 56 days.

A loan for a non-bank company

A loan for a non-bank company

As I mentioned earlier, I would recommend this option to those who do not look for high amounts of loans. For those who need a quick injection of cash and will be satisfied with a loan amount of 10 or a maximum of 15 thousand PLN. The market for non-bank loans was lost to most of these unreliable and unreliable companies. Thanks to this, we can count on more favorable loan offers for companies incurring non-banking. However, it is worth to be vigilant and check opinions about a particular company that we decide to use. With the help of us, of course, we will come here with the Internet, which is a real encyclopedia of knowledge and will allow us to read the opinions about individual loan companies. It is also worth paying attention to the costs of company loans. It is known that each offer will differ in this aspect. Most loan companies have tools on their websites that we can use to simulate such loans. So we do not buy a cat in a sack, we can check everything calmly before making a specific and final decision about the offer selection.

It is impossible to hide that a non-bank loan for the company will be more easily available than the one in the bank. Loan companies use much less formalities, they do not require as many documents as banks. Very often, loan companies do not require either registration documents or other accounting or banking documents. It is enough that we have a registered business in Poland, we also have a permanent address of residence and we do not appear in the databases of debtors such as BIG InfoMonitor, ERIF or Krajowy Rejestr Długów. In some of these companies, we will also get a loan for new companies, which is available from the first day of operation. Not without significance is the fact that all formalities are completed online, and thus without any physical meeting with the lender. Thanks to this, in very many cases, additional financing for our company may appear on the company’s account even on the same day. This is undoubtedly a very helpful option for those seeking a quick solution for obtaining additional funds.