Investment and working capital loan

Entrepreneurs often have to resort to external financing. We checked what conditions they can count on when applying for a working capital and investment loan. Companies willingly use external financing, especially from banking products. In addition to leasing, credit is one of the most popular types of liabilities owned by entrepreneurs. About 43 percent choose […]

Loans 20,000 PLN

Lenderskia from Gdańsk is one of the oldest loan companies operating in Poland. You can read about new products that appeared in the company’s offer, a high loan available for regular customers in the following material. From the moment when I described the activities of the Optima company in the blog, it took some time, […]

Loans up to PLN 8,000 – Quick Cash

It is not easy to make ends meet. Revenues are low and food prices continue to rise. Rent, electricity, gas and water are more expensive. And yet the roof overhead and food are the basic needs of every family that provide us with a lifetime of existence. What’s more, kids are still growing and they […]

Request for loan extinction count

More and more consumers are asking us to clarify the procedures for extinguishing a loan and in particular on how to make the loan extinction count request. In this short guide you will learn the phases of the request and above all, what you have to check in order to avoid being caught up by […]